Devas Stole My Baby

Magic Cookies, and Sand Dragons, Oh My!

  • Lilly’s body has been recovered by the adventurers we have found that she cannot be healed by Lenwe’s magic.
  • We seek the assistance of Balazar (dragon dude) to find out how we can heal Lilly- he sends us to see the elven women Marielle at the Happy Little Tree.
  • Upon arrival at the Happy Little Tree we are overcome by the scent of baked cookies, Petrichor loves Marielle’s cookies- they make him feel happy inside.
    *Marielle tells us of the Lamia witches in the pale swamp and how they will know of how to heal the girl.
  • Lenwe, Roswyn, and Ravasys do not trust of the Lamia witches- but they still provide us with information about the “sand lizard” and how we can use the “stone of tears?” to help heal Lilly.
  • We defeat the primitive lizard folk and the sand lizard and receive the stone to heal Lilly.
  • The adventures make plans to return Lilly, while resting before the return, Luusi is sent a vision about a yellow rose that is necessary to help curing her father, and her people from a devastating disease.



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