Devas Stole My Baby

Into the Glacial Rift

Session 7

After squaring everything up with Dar Grimith in Venn, the party continued on through the teleportation circle to the Northern Continent. Once there, they met Denny Barns, the one in charge of a small outpost on the Northern Continent. After aquiring some quests from a few of the people at the outpostsee below), the group headed to the Daggerburg Mountains to find the Glacial rift, the home of Gokof the Deggerburg Goblin King.

After settling in a small remote cave near the Glacial Rift entrace, the adventurers travelled inside. Strugling with how naviagate through the mountain’s seemingly endless corridors, the group was only able to find one small clue (which the chose to ignore) and that was that Vaald, the golblin advisor to Gokof, was on the other side of the rift.

In the end, the group did stumble upon one possible important location: a dome of ice that looks as if it is heavily garuded- which may mean that it houses something important or valuable.

Major Quest given by Denny Barns (facial piercings): Retrieve the Goblin battle plans and stop the raids on the outpost.

Minor Quest given by Reed Surefoot (enunciates): Reed received a letter form Gokof’s advisor, Vaald, claiming that if he were to be made king he would end the violence between them. Meet with Vaald and see if this is true.

Minor Quest given by Lucan Longfellow (two different eyes): Lucan, ashamed and embarassed, has asked the party to recover a sword that has been in his family for generalions called the Lonfellow Blade. Lucan’s uncle Bleek went into the rift a week ago and has not returned, so Lucan fears the worst. He asks that if Bleek can not be rescued, then to at least return the Blade.

Special Quest given by Joffry Lions (cool tattooed douche bag): Overly pretentious and cocky, Joffry has offered the group 890 gp to return the hide, or mace tail, of a mace tail behemoth. It would not surprise me if upon return the party bashes Joffry in the face with said mace tail.



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