Devas Stole My Baby

Day One in the Rift

Session 8

The party travelled into a small cave and fought off a pack of Gnoll marauders. Then the “heroes” reluctently freed a band of enslaved halflings. The halflings knew just vague information like, “the rose is rumored to be in the Goblin King’s quarters deeper in the rift.” and “I heard some Yetis may have taken the Longfellow Blade.”

After the battle with the Gnolls, the adventurers headed into an alarm… six ice toads. The toads were disposed of, but not before they were attacked by a few goblins and dire wolves.

Exhausted from the trek, the party chose to head back to the hidden cave outside of the rift for a good night’s rest. Upon returning to the rift they will explore the western side in hopes of finding Vald the Sly and gaining more information.



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