D’jar’bin is tall and slender as most githzerai are. He casts magic through a sword and tend to wear clothes that remind him of the Elemental Chaos. He has not cut his hair since arriving on the prime plane and will reach his lower back if left loose.

He typically wears a mask to hide his githzerai features in order avoid standing out any more than usual, but he does not hide his heritage to anyone he travels with.

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D’jar’bin was born in the Floating City of the Elemental Chaos. His skill for magic was recognized at an early age and he was granted power by the githzerai king Zaerith Menyar-Ag-Gith. Due to his magical prowess he became on of the youngest members of a Gith-attala, a githzerai group devoted to the destruction of the githyanki.

On one occasion the Gith-attala clashed with a githyanki vessel in the Astral Sea. The battle was fierce resulting in massive fatalities for both sides. D’jar’bin himself killed the captain of the githyanki ship and took his valued Silver Sword as a trophy. In the end only a handful of the Gith-attala remained. When they burst into the lower hold of the vessel they saw what the Githyanki were protecting. They were carrying newborn children who had just hatched from the material plane. The few Gith-attala left alive slaughtered the newborns without second thought, but D’jar’bin hesitated. Seeing them die in front of him sickened him, but he was unwilling to turn against his brothers to stop them.

As the Gith-attala ship departed, D’jar’bin snuck back to the githyanki ship alone. He took the ship back to the prime plane where sent the dead on by burning the ship.

During his wandering of the prime plane he found an appreciation for the cultures of the other races. While githzerai typically have little interest in beauty or art, D’jar’bin has taken a special interest to it since arriving on the plane, even to the point of taking up worship with Corellon.

He found a mutual interest with the members of the Silver Key. They are devoted to opposing the illithids just as his own people are.


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