Ender wyn va Benedict


Ender is a tiefling mage. He has red skin as most tieflings do, dark brown hair, and orange eyes. He tends to dress in expensive clothes normally seen in the wealthy or in nobility, but the clothes show signs of wear and tear from adventuring. The sleeves around his hands are frequently burnt or freyed from fire magic.

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Ender was born into the influetial Benedict family in Venn. His tiefling mother and human father were both adept mages in the circles of pyromancy and illusion respectively. Ender is the youngest of three sons, all of whom inherited their parents gifts for magic. His mother died when he was just a young boy and his father spent the majority of time on the family business so Ender spent most of his youth squandering his inheritance on women, drink, and gambling.

Due to his gifts at illusion magic he was able to consistently stay ahead of the house and bring home a profit. His good luck would run however when the local gambling boss found out that Ender had been cheating. Unable to act against Ender because of his powerful father, the man instead began to target all Benedict business operations. An extended campaign of theft and sabotage left the Benedict family nearly penniless. In a final act of desperation Ender’s father personally attacked the gambling boss’s base of operations. The dramatic fight left over twenty dead, including both the boss and Ender’s father.

Unable to punish Ender’s father, the city guard instead choose to banish the three Benedict brothers from Venn. His brothers rightly blamed him for the series of events that left them poor and without a father. They left for the free city of Tirgan without Ender.

Using the small amount of gold that he saved Ender left Venn in order to enroll in Televar Magic Academy where his mother had also trained. After completing the courses there Ender decided to travel the world, neve rstaying in one place for too long. His brief time in Baronne was spent gathering information, artifacts, and ancient tomes. He travels with the group in the hopes that it will open up opportunities for further tomes and artifacts that would not be accessible to him otherwise.

Ender wyn va Benedict

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