The term “GOBLIN” refers to a sort of small, (yet still medium sized creature), ill tempered, evil humanoid race of creatures. But the race of goblins can be broken down into three distinct sub-races: green goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears.

Goblins are as prolific as humankind, but they are far less creative and much more warlike. Most goblins live in the wild places of the world, often underground, but they stay close enough to other humanoid settlements to prey on trade caravans and unwary travelers. Goblins form tribes, each ruled by a chieftain. The chieftain is usually the strongest member of the tribe, though some chieftains rely on guile more than martial strength.

Hobgoblins rule the most civilized goblin tribes, sometimes building small settlements and fortresses that rival those of human construction.

Green goblins and bugbears, left to their own devices, are more barbaric and less industrious than hobgoblins. Bugbears are dominant in a few mixed tribes, but hobgoblins tend to rise above their more brutish cousins unless severely outnumbered.

A member of the goblin species has skin of yellow, orange, green, or red, often shading to brown. Its eyes have the same color variance; its hair is always dark. Big, pointed ears stick out from the sides of the head, and prominent sharp teeth sometimes jut from the mouth. Males have coarse body hair and might grow facial hair.

BIG, TOUGH GOBLINS THAT LOVE TO FIGHT, bugbears are the champions, picked guards, and muscle for more clever goblins. Bugbears take whatever they want and bully others into doing their work. They hunt for food, eating any creature they can kill—including other goblins.

GREEN GOBLINS ARE WICKED AND TREACHEROUS CREATURES that love plunder and cruelty. They’re not very big or strong, but they’re dangerous when they gang up. Green goblins breed quickly and can live most anywhere, from frozen caves to tropical ruins to a city’s sewers. They survive by raiding and robbery, taking every usable item they can carry from their victims.

HOBGOBLINS LIVE FOR WAR AND BLOODSHED, killing or enslaving creatures weaker than themselves. More aggressive and organized than their goblin and bugbear cousins, they see all other creatures as lesser beings to be subjugated, and they reserve a special loathing for all fey, especially elves and eladrin. Hobgoblins prize their possessions and make their own weapons and armor. Compared to their more brutish kin, they wear decent clothing and armor, and they maintain their personal armaments with care. Hobgoblins prefer bold colors, especially crimson and black.

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