Silver Key

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The Silver Key is an organization that is devoted to keeping vigil on the forces of the Far Realm and opposing them when deemed necessary.


The Silver Key does not advertise itself and most would not know of its existence. Often membership is extended to an individual who has had a traumatic or life threatening encounter with the forces of the Far Realm.

The organization is extremely diverse. While individuals with divine or psionic gifts make up the majority of the Silver Key, there is also a sizable portion of both warlocks and also those who worship the goddess Melora.


There are only three tiers of leadership in the The Silver Key. The primary position is held by a human paladin named Dasek Mallory who lives in the city of Val’Air. The second tier of leadership is at the city level. Each city where Silver Key members reside has a Luminary that is assigned with organizing members at the local level.


The primary goal is to oppose the forces of the Far Realm in this world whatever the cost. They sometimes overstep the local authorities to do so. In some rare cases the Silver Key organizes expeditions to the Far Realm itself but this is only for a dire threat.

The Silver Key has taken some criticism both internally and externally for frequently resorting to uses the powers and rituals of the Far Realm itself, but the frequent defense for this is “fighting fire with fire.”

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Silver Key

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