Venn is the largest city on it’s continent with a wide diversity in races. Venn itself is the focal point of all major trade in the area. While it is not centrally located it is used as a stopping point for ships heading to the far off continents to the west.

Venn has retained its title as the center of trade by use of teleportation circles which can reach as a far as the nearby land masses.

Venn is governed as a republic, with each merchant house having a certain amount of representatives based on their size. The smallest houses have one representative while the largest has five. The number of merchant houses is locked at fifty but the total number of representatives can fluctuate based on each quarters earnings.

While the limit on merchant houses extends only to a role in government, organizations that do not have a representative in government are typically seen as inferior. As such the competition for the lower houses can be very fierce, occasionally resulting in the extermination of an entire house. There are very few criminal organizations to speak of because the houses handle everything themselves.

Points of Interest

The Square
At the center of Venn is a market square that puts all others to shame. The Square itself is larger than some nearby towns. It is a constantly changing and evolving mass of shops and tents. While individual shops sometimes close, The Square itself does not with trade happening at all hours of the day.

Traveler’s Hall
This grand hall is probably the most important structure in all of Venn. Within its walls are the dozens of teleportation circles that allow merchants to travel to distant parts of the natural world. The merchant houses have agreed to keep all travel both in to and out of the Hall free to everyone. Many believe this to be the sole explanation for why Venn is such a profitable city.

Tor’s Hold
Located on the outside perimeter of the city, made up of mostly merchant’s and miners.

Township located outside of Venn.

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